Knowing Expressions about Asking and Giving Direction in Dailylife

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Hello everyone……Sometimes when we go to new places, in normally we feel confused where we must go to arrive our destination, which the way for we go along. So in that situation what will you do to solve your problem? – Asking and Giving Direction

Yapsss, the easy solution is Asking Direction to someone else to find right direction.

On the other hand, as happens in strange and new places, people get disoriented and may require help finding their way, so guests may frequently ask you for directions. For instance, they may frequently ask how to get to the nearest restaurant, or a nearby historical site. Then, what will we do if someone or guest ask direction to you are?

Asking and Giving Direction

Certainly, you must Giving Direction to he/ she that asking direction to you are.

As you know, Asking and Giving Direction is really important. It always happens in our daily life whatever it’s on purpose or spontaneous. So how we can express the asking and giving direction if we don’t know the correct words and phrase of asking and giving direction. In this article tell the expressions how to Asking and Giving Direction ………Let’s Learn Together!

Asking and Giving Direction

Noteveryone knows where they are going and may need help with directions from time to time. Directions may be needed to get to a nearby town, or directions to the newest mall in town or directions to the nearest rest room in a large building.

Asking and Giving Direction
Asking and Giving Direction

Points to Remember (Suggestions for giving directions)

  • Giving Street directions is really very easy when you remember to follow these points. When giving directions you are actuslly giving two sets of intructions.
  • In the first set  “Go To” : you are telling the listener what Street to go to or how far to go.
  • In theft, etce second “Then”: you are telling the listener what to do when they get there. (turn right/left, go straight, on the left, etc)
  • Giving even very complicated directions is judt a repetition of these two basic steps. Another good ides is to use easily identifiable landmarks; instead of the amount of time to gett someplace (time is relative, after all). Easily identifiable landmarks are Street lights, stop signs, parks, tall building standing alone, etc.


  1. Jimh     : How do I find the Indonesian Restaurant?

2. Orci: Just go staight until you find T-Juntion, Then turn right about 20 meters and Indonesian Restaurant in your left side near the police office.

  1. Guest   : pardon me, I’m lost, how do I  get to the gym

2. Robi    : from the main lobby,, walk away from the beach and take the first staircase on your right down. The staircase is the next to the portrait center. The gym i son your right at the bottom of the stairs.

  1. Guest   : could you tell me how  to get to the Market?

2. Afgan : Take this passage way and go down the steps on your right. At the bottom of the steps there is wooden bridge. Go over the bridge and turn right. Follow the path until you get to the Market. It’s about 40 meters from the bridge.

Answer the Following Question!

Read the dialogue below (for questions number 1 and 2)
Andrea           : Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the city hospital?
Grace              : Sure, the hospital is on Tenth Street, about 20 minutes away by foot. Go south on this street two blocks until you come to the stop light.
Andrea           : Go south two blocks to the stop light.
Grace              : Correct, then, turn left and goes three more blocks, until you come to the end of the road. A park will be in front of you.
Andrea           : Turn left and goes for three blocks to the park.
Grace              : Right, then turn right again and go seven blocks, to Lipton Avenue.
Andrea           : Turn right and go seven blocks to Lipton Avenue.
Grace              : Next, turn left on Lipton Avenue and go two blocks. The hospital is on your left, across from the baseball stadium.
Andrea           : OK, let me see if I’ve got this straight. Go south on this street for two blocks to the stop light. Turn left at the light and go three blocks to the park. Turn right at the park and go seven blocks to Lipton Avenue. At Lipton Avenue turns right and…
Grace              : No, ________ on Lipton Avenue.
Andrea           : OK, turn left on Lipton Avenue, the hospital is two blocks down,     on my left.
Grace              : You got it.
Andrea           : Thanks.

The Question :

1. The underlined expression expresses ….
A. Asking direction
B. Giving direction
C. Agreement
D. Asking opinion
E. Advice

2. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. Turn right
B. Turn left
C. Go straight
D. Go ahead
E. One block

Stranger :Excuse me _______ where the nearest post office?
Carly : Follow this way until second traffict light. It is on your left beside Padang restaurant.
Stranger : Thank you
3. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. Can I help you find
B. Could I tell you the way
C. Could you come with me
D. Could you show me
E. Could I show you

Hendry : Can you tell me how to get to the nearest restaurant?
Nadine : _____ may be you can ask the policeman over there.
4. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. Yes, there is one across the street
B. Next to library
C. It’s this way
D. Behind the hotel
E. I’m sorry. I don’t live here

Juno : Can you tell me where Dony’s house is?
Kate : Just go along Sudirman street.
5. From the dialogue we know that …
A. Nanda knows where Doni’s house is
B. Nanda doesn’t know where Doni’s house is
C. They will go to Doni’s house
C. Fino knows where Doni’s house
D. Nanda doesn’t know where Doni’s house

Jangan lupa membaca artikel kami lainnya yang tentu saja sangat menarik dan menambah wawasan kalian.

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